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"Satya Terri has been very influential in helping me to maintain good habits in my workout routine while active duty in the Navy. Satya Terri helped me to push harder and to work on various techniques that were necessary for maintaining/passing the Navy’s physical readiness test requirements. (PRT) I lost 2.5 inches and 12 pounds by adding her suggested fitness and nutritional programs. Her influence has even carried over into my life away from the Navy and I have maintained my lean physique 3 years after retirement! In addition, all of our spiritual and personal development exchanges enabled me to launch into the deep. Thanks, Satya Terri, for keeping me and other military personnel ready to serve our country and stay healthy to enjoy our families in retirement! Bravo Zulu and Hoorah!” Love you to life!"

-Orlando Thomas-

Retired Navy MMC

" Satya Terri's extensive background in Nutrition and Physical Fitness Instruction enabled her to provide leadership in both components of our Healthy Lifestyle Program conducted through our Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism, located at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. We were excited to be able to report that there was a significant reduction in body mass scores for those who were overweight or at risk of becoming overweight. The participants also showed improvements in nutrition knowledge, healthy eating, and nutrition self-efficiency. We are thankful to Satya Terri for working with Children's Hospital and it is with great pleasure that I recommend Satya Terri."

-Megan R. Lipton-

The Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Before my coaching sessions with Satya Terri, I was buried under negative thoughts about my future and societal conditioning. I was lost and under pressure and stressed out. Satya Terri taught me how to create a vision board with my desires and how to achieve each one of them.

She also showed me some meditation techniques that helped guide me thorough a non-judgmental examination of my self-esteem as she assisted me in the restoration of my spirit by letting go of fears and conditioning which was holding me back. Additionally, she helped me realign my aspirations and as a result, I now have a clearer vision of my future and am no longer that frightened hamster running endlessly on its hamster wheel, chasing nothing. I highly recommend Satya Terri and her holistic health coaching for a complete transformation of not only the mind but also the spirit.


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"Satya Terri demonstrated outstanding work while conducting Physical Fitness Instruction for our students as part of their preparation for the California State Fitnessgram Test. Satya Terri provided well-planned and thought-out instructional activities and Physical Fitness Curriculum that were both motivating and engaging to our students, which were ultimately instrumental to their success on the state test. We were fortunate to have Satya Terri as part of our school family."

-Rafael Alvarez Jr.-

Program Advisor

“Satya Terri, I can’t thank you enough for making my experience so enjoyable. Your upbeat attitude and ever-present smile were such an inspiration to me and brightened up every day! I will really miss you! Thank you!”


"I am so thankful to God that I was fortunate enough to have found Satya Terri's holistic health services. Before we met my life was in chaos. Satya Terri guided me through some mental reconditioning techniques during personal development coaching sessions, and meditation as she assisted me in moving frozen emotional energies. It helped enable me to get rid of my depression and regain my self-esteem, as well as, improve my physical health. I highly recommend Satya Terri for any and all of your holistic health needs, including self-esteem issues."

-Jorg Garcia-

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Did you know? That 99% of the brain is silent but most people only focus on the 1% which is usually filled with uncontrolled negative self-talk that leads to poor mental, emotional, and physical health, including some eating disorders in men and women, who feel a lack of control. In addition, that focus on the negative self-talk makes some people re-live past traumas over and over again, instead of learning how to heal and move past them.

The FITT principles are known as an exercise prescription to help participants understand how long, how hard, and what type of exercises to do at any given duration or amount of time. Find out more in our FITT Principle eBook.

Almonds are a source of Vitamin E, Copper, and Magnesium, and they are high in quality protein. They also contain healthy unsaturated fatty acids, along with high levels of bioactive molecules such as fiber, phytosterols, minerals, and antioxidants which help to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Introspection is the examination of one's own conscious thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. In psychology, the process of introspection relies on the observation of one's mental state, while in a spiritual context it may refer to the examination of one's soul.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to: reduce stress, facilitate emotional & mental wellbeing, increase self-awareness, boost the immune system, reduce cortisol levels in the body, slow down the aging process, and much, much more!

Personal Development: involves mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Not religious. It additionally, necessitates soul growth, the evolution of consciousness, and the transcendence of low self-esteem and the ego, as well as, encompassing the total integration of Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul as a desire for the betterment or improvement of one’s life. Get a copy of "Introspective Meditative Moments" Volume I and 2 at Satya TV's Author page by clicking the link below.