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Satya Terri Verhulst

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Our passion is to assist our clients holistically by supplying the tools necessary to achieve their goals and change their lives through the Total Integration of Health & Wellness, Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul. Thereby, allowing them to achieve unity and stability of health & wellness throughout their life with lasting results, as we map out a personalized plan with step-by-step goal-setting instructions with the support and guidance/coaching needed to achieve the lifestyle style-change needed to do so. The one that they have only dreamed of. We achieve this together through the proper application of Nutrition, Meal Prep, Physical Fitness, Mental Re-Conditioning, and Healing from their Past Traumas. With the inclusion, however of Meditation Techniques to eliminate the negative thoughts of the hyperactive mind. In addition to, alleviating sickness and stress from their life as they make a healthy happy Life Style Transformation that isn't a temporary fix only, but one that lasts throughout their entire life.

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Meet the CEO and Founder

Satya Terri Verhulst Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Life Coach, and Personal Development Author

After receiving her Degree in Nutrition, Satya Terri worked as a Nutrition Educator for the U.S. Department of Defense, teaching nutrition at public health fairs, aboard naval ships, and in classrooms for active duty military personnel and their families, at Naval Station Norfolk. There, she also received her Certification as a (PFS), Physical Fitness Specialist, and a (CFL), Naval Command Fitness Leader from Cooper Elite Institute and the US Department of Defense, where she performed Physical Fitness Readiness Tests, (PRT's) for all ranks and branches of the military's active duty military personal and their families.

Satya Terri also competed on the Pro Level for Fitness Competitors and became the Fitness Specialist for the Navy East Baseball Team. Prior to that, during her college years, she also acquired a National Culinary Certification in Food Preparation and Food Principles. (Culinary Arts). While there, she simultaneously founded Sowing Seeds of Greatness Holistic Health and TVfitness and later became Certified as a Life Coach and Business Coach.

Subsequently, she moved to Los Angeles, California where she was featured as a Wellness Expert on the Changing Times LA television show and later began working as a Celebrity Wellness Expert at the SLS of Beverly Hills.

Satya Terri also attended Dr. Tea's Holistic Health Herbal Training Session/Symposium at the Herbal Garden Emporium located in Hollywood, California. This, however, lead Satya Terri to expand her work as a Nutritionist and Fitness Expert to include total health and wellness, leaving no parts missing. Which contributed to her becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner to better supply her clients with complete health and total wellness, with the integration of meditation for the spirit-mind connection.

However, meditation was not new to her. Satya Terri began undertaking the practice of meditation at the age of five while in kindergarten which further lead her to a personal experience of a shift in consciousness or as some call it, a Kundalini Awakening. Satya Terri has always been passionate about helping people to become well and to achieve their personal goals and transform their lives!

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