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You're Just one CLICK away from your Life Transformation! We create exclusive wellness plans in each component of Holistic Health that are inspired by your personal goals, needs, and aspirations. Our team uses personalized fitness, nutrition, and, personal development coaching to deliver a range of services to meet you right where you're at, as we give you guidance to your desired destination of total integration. Body, Mind, and Soul.

Personal Development (All Downloadable Coaching Material)

Did You Know?

That 99% of the brain is silent but most people only focus on the 1% which is usually filled with uncontrolled negative self-talk that leads to poor mental, emotional, and physical health.

The consequences of egoic negative thinking patterns in the brain create low self-esteem, and increase the unhealthy cortisol hormone in your body which causes sickness of the psychological mind in addition to, the physical body. It subsequently becomes an impediment to your emotional health, mental health, relationships, and a healthy and happy lifestyle. Negative thinking thrives on a belief system of not being good enough, inadequate, unworthy, and undeserving of love, good health, healthy relationships, and success.

These false perceptions of not being good enough or not measuring up become a way of painful existence for many people, leading to depression, stress, mental illness, and physical diseases in the body. This is when healing and a Life-Style Transformation are needed!

What we do.

We employ what is known in neuroscience as, "neuroplasticity" techniques to rewire negative thought patterns of the brain, using:

  • Mental Reframing.

  • Vision Board Creation.

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques (PMR).

  • Guided Breathing Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety.

  • Our own eBook of Positive Affirmations and Mantras.

  • Guided Meditation.

  • Our Uniquely Crafted Relaxing Meditation Music.

  • Your Very own Personal Gratitude Journal.

  • Therapeutic Personal Development Coaching Sessions.

  • Coaching Material.

All Materials and coaching tools are yours to keep and are downloadable.

$100 Just coaching material

Note: If you are having difficulty with this component of holistic health on your own, we highly recommend our 1-on-1 Personal Development Coaching Sessions.

* In our 1-on-1 Personal Development, Sessions we will also focus on goal setting and accountability, moving past...past traumas, and healing. In addition to, providing you with a life balance assessment and correction tool for life, health, relationships, mental health, emotional health, physical health, career balance, and success. $200/hr.

**Please contact use first to schedule your private 1-on-1 Personal Development Coaching Session.**


Nutrition (All Downloadable Coaching Material)

How important is your health and wellness to you?

1. The first thing that we do is, use a Psychologically Based Assessment Tool to detect and correct unhealthy eating habits that will assist in creating new positive achievable nutritional goals, (NOT DIETS)!

2. We then provide you with a COMPLETE grocery list of food in each category such as meats, vegetables, carbohydrates, fruits, and more with their corresponding portion sizes along with calorie count for each individual food item. (This is your best shopping companion ever!) It assists as a breakdown for easy meal planning and prep.

3. Goal setting and life transformation progress tracking records.

4. Easy to use, at a glance, nutritional tool to ensure that you’re getting a balanced “Immune Boosting” nutritional meal each time you eat.

5. 1 Week Pre-Made for you, Healthy Meal Plan with portion size (Sample 1).

6. 1 Week Pre-Made for you, Healthy Meal Plan with portion size (Sample 2).

7. Your Own Healthy Meal Planner Free Template.

8. Mini Healthy Snack Recipes.

9. BMI Calculator Link & Resource Tool.

10. Your very own follow-up to your progress goal and evaluation tracking sheet.

11. All yours to download and keep.

12. Coaching materials for Nutritional and Life Balance Goal Setting.

ALL Downloadable Coaching Material yours for $100.00

* 1 on 1 advisory Nutritional Coaching available for the sum of $200.00*

**Please contact us first to schedule 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching Session.**


Fitness (All Downloadable Coaching Material)

Physical Fitness Myths:

1. Spot Reduction

2. Thin Is In

3. No Pain, No Gain

Another myth, is that thin people don’t need to exercise. Wrong! Exercise is good for everyone, and its purpose is more than just achieving a slender body. An extensive study by the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas, revealed that adults who were overweight but physically fit were healthier and lived longer than thinner people who were unfit. Physical activity reduces the risk of premature death in general, and of coronary heart disease, hypertension, colon cancer, and diabetes in particular. We all need physical activity.

We supply you with:

1. Our FITT Principle e-book.

2. 5-day Fat-Buster Home Workout. (No gym equipment needed)

3. Complete Training Guide on how to run your first 5K.

4. Naval Command Bootcamp Fitness Education.

5. Goal Setting and Progress Tracker.

6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Techniques eBook.

7. Daily Exercise Planner Journals.

8. Target Heart Rate Zone Calculating Sheet.

9. Grocery List with Portion Size & Calorie Count

10. Coaching Material.

All Materials and coaching tools are yours to keep and downloadable. $100

* 1 on 1 Fitness coaching, we will focus on your individualized exercise plan and education while we address barriers to your physical fitness goals and success. $200/hr.

**Please contact us first to schedule 1 on 1 Coaching Session.**


Meditation (All Downloadable Coaching Material)

"Rest Your mind and practice mental stillness through meditation."

Did You Know?

99% of the brain is silent but most people only focus on the 1%.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to:

  1. Slow down the aging process.

  2. Reduce stress.

  3. Promote emotional and mental health.

  4. Increase self-awareness.

  5. Reduce anxiety.

  6. Increase mental capacity and memory.

  7. Reduce the cortisol hormone that causes sickness in the body.

Why create a Vision Board?

It’s a visual reminder of what we want to be, do and have in life. Often, we’re so busy in the day-to-day that we forget our “why.” The vision board brings us clarity and focus. It helps us maintain focus on our goals. And when we create a visual representation of our goals and dreams, we have a better chance of achieving them. Neuroscience has found that the subconscious mind, which is responsible for most of what we do, sees pictures and mostly uses its visual sense. Providing your subconscious mind with positive, motivating, uplifting images is an effective way to, “train your brain” to help you succeed.

Why use Mantras?

Mantras are powerful tools to help support your meditation practice. As you silently repeat the mantra during meditation, a few things happen:

· You quiet your mind

· You experience deeper awareness

· You discover your true nature and the repetition of the mantra helps you move beyond your negative


Daily Meditation Practice

Types of Meditation

1. Mindfulness - being aware of your thoughts, body, and breathing, without making any judgments. Just

relaxing and relieving everyday stress.

2. Concentration – is at the heart of all types. Concentrate on something or nothing at all.

3. Reflective - who am I, what is my purpose in the universe.

4. Heart-Centered - to release all fears, sadness, and to just bask in kindness and love. (Heart Healing)

5. Visualization – consciously cultivate and strengthen the quality of your thoughts.

What we do:

1. We give you Step-By-Step Instructions on how to Build Your Own Vision Board.

2. We have created a Positive Affirmations and Mantra eBook for your daily use.

3. Guided Meditation Assistance.

4 Your Very own Gratitude Journal.

5. Guided Breathing Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety.

6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques (PMR) eBook.

7. Essential Oils Use and Support with Physical and Emotional Well-Being.

8. Meditation Music for Meditating and Relaxation. (Our Specially Crafted), Downloadable Mp3 Meditation Tracks

All Materials and coaching tools are yours to keep and downloadable. $100

Note: If you are having difficulty with this component of holistic health, we highly recommend our 1-on-1 Personal Development Coaching Sessions.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation eBook


The FITT Principle eBook


Our goal is for you to succeed, that's why we include and provide you with ongoing Community Support.

In addition, you will receive EXCLUSIVE UNLIMITED ACCESS to our PRIVATE Holistic Health Facebook Coaching Group at NO extra cost, with ongoing monthly Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Development, and Culinary Food Prep tips and ideas. In our group, we support each other so everybody wins and succeeds. If you think that someone else has to lose for you to win, then you're in the wrong place!

Holistically Healthy Enlightened People Private Fb Coaching Group (Mind Body Medicine)

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